M Power Tour

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Born on the racetrack, eyes focused on the road, and pumped with lots of adrenaline: the M is by no means an ordinary letter, in fact the most powerful in the world. The fascination for BMW M has lived for more than four decades, carried on and renewed by people who transfer their keenly felt passion for motorsport into every single part of this exceptional automobile. With a special philosophy and the drive to redefine limits, not just powerful engines are created – but legends of the road.

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Get the unique opportunity to test drive the whole range of BMW M models. Gain in-depth knowledge of the technological and design features of the cars.

THIS Friday and Saturday June 8th and 9th- explore a full lineup, from the extraordinary M2 to the spectacular all new M5 with M xDrive. Get behind the wheel of vehicles that possess an extraordinarily sporty character, and a unique combination of dynamics, comfort and everyday suitability.

BMW M Tour fleet