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Travel in style no matter where you are. Timeless designs and superb functionality for the journeys ahead in your BMW. As we approach the warmer seasons, we want you to take advantage of a FREE base carrier with your purchase of select BMW Travel and Comfort Accessories.

The Travel & Comfort System unites a variety of different holders and attachment solutions in one system, achieving an even higher degree of travel comfort inside the vehicle. The foundation of this system is the base carrier, which is securely mounted between the headrest pillars. Various attachments can then be quickly and easily fixed to it- see below for more details.

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BMW Tablet Holder in Markham

BMW Tablet Holder.

An attachment to the base carrier, this handy holder for a portable tablet. The tablet can be simply snapped into the holder, where it is securely held for perfect ease-of-use. The holder has a 360° rotating frame and supports variable angle adjustment, so it can be set to whatever position any rear passenger may require: the tablet can be positioned behind the headrest for watching films in the movie mode in brilliant clarity, or tilted at an angle behind the backrest for excellent working comfort in the office mode, for example. And the holder even comes with a separate stand for use outside of the vehicle.

BMW Coat Hanger and Universal Hook.

The Coat Hanger and Universal Hook offers a convenient place to hang light shopping bags, suits, jackets and more! Requiring only the base carrier for installation, you will be ready to go in no time.

M Performance Carbon Fibre Shift Knob